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Tantric, sensual and erotic massage therapists offer a holistic approach that combines therapeutic touch, spirituality and sensuality. Using ancient tantra techniques, they seek to stimulate the body’s vital energy, promoting healing and emotional balance. These trained professionals seek to create a safe and respectful environment, centred on acceptance of the body and the mind-body connection. The focus is not just physical pleasure, but the expansion of consciousness and the promotion of emotional intimacy. The practice aims to awaken sensitivity and promote a journey of self-knowledge, aimed at integral well-being and personal flourishing.

At Dakini Spa each of our tantric, sensual and erotic masseuses has undergone intensive initial training as well as ongoing training to ensure that all our clients receive a massage with the utmost professionalism and rigour.
All our massages are an excellent way to relax and increase your levels of pleasure, making your sex life much more pleasurable and fulfilling.

Take a break from your day-to-day routine and come and relax and enjoy an unforgettable moment in our company. Choose your tantric, sensual or erotic massage with your therapist of choice and book a visit to Dakini Spa.

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